5 Simple Ways to Add a Touch of Belgian Dark Chocolate to Your Diet

New Blogs// Dec 16, 2021 12:26:49 PM

Have you ever had a craving for just a hint of dark, rich chocolate but don’t quite know just to satisfy it? Let us introduce you to new ways of thinking about how you eat dark chocolate. Next time, consider these 5 simple ways to add a subtle touch of delectable Belgian dark chocolate to any snack or dish.


Add a Bit of Bold to Snack Mix

Many people think sweet when they think about chocolate. But if you think about it, the bitter, rich flavour of Belgian dark chocolate is perfect for salty selections as well. In fact, many trail mixes or snack mixes incorporate chocolate into their recipes. Build your own using simple ingredients such as dark chocolate chips, nuts, dried fruit, pretzels, or whatever else you like. This can provide the perfect balance for a healthy, delicious treat.

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Create a Refreshing Treat With Fruit

Not all sweetness comes from sugar. Fruit can make the perfect pairing for your dark chocolate craving. Perhaps the most popular pairing is chocolate-covered strawberries. However, the possibilities are endless. Consider pairing dark chocolate with other fruits such as bananas or tangerines.

Dark cooking chocolate can be a great way to coat the fruit in chocolate for a fresh burst of flavour to your chocolatey treat. There are, however, other ways to pair fruit with Belgian dark chocolate. For example, you could add dark chocolate chips to a fruit salad or even a smoothie!


Pair it With Cheese

Cheese is a great accompaniment to many dishes from Italian cuisine to Mexican dishes to plain old sandwiches. But what about chocolate? Absolutely! Some mild cheeses are great to pair with sweeter desserts, such as mascarpone cheese which can be paired with a dark chocolate ganache. While sharper cheeses like cheddar might be good on a lunch plate with dried fruit, nuts, and dark chocolate chips.


Wash it Down With Some Wine

Wine and chocolate are a match made in heaven. Belgian dark chocolate can be paired with darker red wines with fruity undertones such as a Cabernet Sauvignon. Other great accompaniments may include Pinot Noir or Merlot. These wines will create a satisfying intensity that matches the richness of the chocolate while providing a full-bodied, fruit-forward flavour.

Embellish Your Dessert

Finally, add a hint of dark chocolate to any dessert with dark cooking chocolate. Chocolate can add the perfect embellishment to the desert while also adding the right balance to the flavour. It could be adding dark chocolatedrops to your cookie, shaving some dark chocolate over a cream pie, or adding chocolate drizzle over a cheesecake. In any case, dark chocolate could be exactly what your dessert needs to stand out and satisfy that craving.

Sugary, salty, savoury, bitter, fruity - the possibilities are endless. However you decide to enjoy it, our selection of Belgian dark chocolate is sure to provide a rich flavour to enhance any indulgence!