Belgian Pralines

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Belgian chocolate is famous all over the world for the level of artisanship, care, and skill that goes into the creation of each batch and variety. For this reason, Belgian chocolatiers are globally renowned for creating some of the most delicious, elegant, and enjoyable chocolate treats to be found anywhere.

When it comes to all the different varieties of Belgian chocolate that you can treat your tastebuds to, Belgian pralines have a special place and stand out as an iconic luxury chocolate. These confections are an excellent treat for virtually any occasion, and that is something no one is likely to turn down.

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What exactly is a Belgian Praline?

A Belgian praline is a type of chocolate treat that is constructed from an outer chocolate shell, with a softer filling that is sometimes very creamy, or liquid. Traditionally, the filling of a Belgian praline is made up of a combination of different nuts, specifically hazelnuts and almonds, mixed with sugar, syrup, and more.

Belgian pralines are an exceptionally flavourful and delicate chocolate type with a low melting temperature – meaning that they will typically feel as though they are dissolving in your mouth within mere moments.

In the world of Belgian chocolate, Belgian pralines are considered to have an established place on the luxury end of the spectrum, offering a decadent flavor profile and unique style.

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What is the history of Belgian Pralines?

Belgian pralines have a fascinating history behind them, with this particular variety of chocolate treat dating back to the year 1857. 

A pharmacist from Brussels named Jean Neuhaus decided to pioneer the use of chocolate as a way of helping his patients to take their medicine more reliably, without having to struggle with the bad taste. Due to this, the pralines that he created were made up of a chocolate shell and a filling of medicine.

It was his son, Neuhaus Jr, who decided to take his father’s innovation and use it to pioneer the treat that we today refer to as Belgian pralines. He took his father’s invention one step further, changing out the medicine filling with something a bit tastier.

By the time of the advent of the Belgian praline, the term “praline” had already been in use since about 1616 to refer to a sugar-coated almond treat. However, the popularity of Belgian pralines has grown significantly over the generations, making these a delightful treat for those all across the world.

What occasions are Belgian Pralines right for? 

As a delicious treat with a very rich taste, Belgian pralines can serve as a perfect gift in all sorts of different situations, and for all types of occasions. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, getting a gift for a loved one, or have been asked “what is praline?” one too many times, our Belgian Pralines offer you the perfect opportunity to indulge. With a variety of praline box sizes to choose from, you can make sure that you have the right about of chocolatey goodness for every occasion.

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