Can You Eat Baking Chocolat?

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Understanding the Differences Between Baking and Snacking Chocolate

Chocolate is delicious, so any kind of chocolate is perfect for snacking, right? Yes and no. While chocolate is mouthwatering in pretty much any form, when it comes to baking chocolate vs. chocolate chips or snacking chocolate, there’s a bit of a difference. Many people wonder, “Can you eat baking chocolate?”  Yes you can, but it might be more bitter than you expect or are used to.

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Baking Chocolate Vs. Chocolate Chips

Who hasn’t snacked on some chocolate chips while baking chocolate chip cookies or brownies? When you think of stealing a few of these tasty ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth, you’re probably thinking of milk chocolate or even semisweet chips. The added sugar makes them great to snack on and similar to what we think of when we imagine the traditional chocolate flavor. But what is the actual difference between snacking chocolate and baking chocolate, and can you interchange them?

Baking Chocolate

Baking chocolate comes in many forms, such as bars, chips, or drops, and is usually unsweetened. While the percentage of cocoa in unsweetened chocolate varies, you can easily find this chocolate with up to 99% cocoa. There are even some baking chocolates with 100% cocoa. That plus zero added sugar tends to make this type of chocolate on the bitter side. And because of its bitterness, it’s not exactly ideal for eating out of hand or snacking on, although some people do prefer the bite of an extremely cocoa-rich chocolate.

Even though it may not be the best option for snacking by itself, baking chocolate chips are very useful for all of your baking needs. When used in recipes, artisan baking chocolate contributes a rich depth to whatever you’re making. It melts down smoothly and evenly thanks to its pure ingredients, and can be manipulated to fit your recipe’s needs.

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Not all baking chocolate is unsweetened. Semisweet baking chocolates have a little added sugar that makes them taste much more like regular chocolate chips. When you’re asking yourself if you can eat baking chocolate, semisweet baking chocolate chips are probably going to be your best snacking option.

Snacking Chocolate

Snacking chocolate, in all of its forms, has more sugar in it, so it’s definitely a sweeter experience. Milk chocolate, white chocolate, and even dark chocolate are all examples of types of chocolates that are normally used for snacking.

You can bake with snacking chocolate bars and chips, but just remember that they’ll add extra sweetness to a recipe that calls for unsweetened chocolate baking chips. That being said, you can interchange the chocolates in a lot of recipes, just make sure to reduce the sugar in your recipe.  Also remember that snacking chocolate tends to have a waxy coating to help the chips retain their shape, so they will be harder to melt and may not melt evenly.


The Best of Both Worlds

We offer a variety of artisan chocolates that are perfect for both baking and snacking. Each type of chocolate is made with the purest ingredients, making it the perfect addition to any dessert recipe. So if you’re asking “can you eat baking chocolate?” check out our options and snack away!