Can You Make Hot Chocolate with Baking Chocolate?

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Have you ever had a craving for some rich, comforting hot chocolate and found that the powdery mix just isn’t cutting it? Or maybe you dig through your cupboards on a cold night and find only baker’s chocolate and think, “can you make hot chocolate with baking chocolate?” The simple answer: ABSOLUTELY!

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How To Make Hot Chocolate With Baking Chocolate?

Before you start making hot chocolate with baking chocolate, there are a few key things to consider: taste, texture, and richness. First, let’s talk about taste. As you probably know, different types of chocolate have different impacts on the taste of the finished hot chocolate. For example, if you are using rich, dark chocolate, you may want to add a bit more sugar or a hint of vanilla to the recipe to balance out the bitterness which will be brought out by the heat.

Now, when talking about texture and richness, the key ingredient to consider is the milk. Keep in mind that less milk and more chocolate will increase thickness and richness while more milk and less chocolate will result in a thinner, more mild drink. In addition, the choice of chocolate will impact the richness. For example, using white chocolate may require more milk than if you are using milk chocolate. This is because white chocolate often has an intense, sweet body of flavor compared to the more mild but creamy flavor of milk chocolate.


Crafting A Recipe

In general, to make the best hot chocolate you will need water, sugar, salt, milk, and of course, baking chocolate. From there, it is completely up to you! Adding extras like vanilla or cinnamon can give the recipe that extra special kick. Try out different additives to see what works best for you.

Putting the ingredients together is really that simple - mix them together. Because you are dealing with a delicate ingredient, the most important thing to remember is to watch the temperature and keep stirring. Whether you melt the chocolate first with the sugar and salt and add milk later or put it all in at once, the key is to heat on medium/low heat and keep stirring to prevent the chocolate or milk from scorching.

After that, it’s all fun and games! Choose your favorite toppings such as marshmallows or whipped cream or enjoy it plain: your choice!


Methods Of Melting

There is nothing worse than scorching your last bit of delicious chocolate while trying to create a masterpiece. Here are a few tips to avoid mistakes when melting the chocolate:

  • Melt shaved chocolate or chocolate chips on low heat with water and sugar. The water will keep the chocolate from scorching to the pan and the sugar will give it a caramel flavor as it cooks into the chocolate.
  • Heat the milk on medium/low heat, stirring constantly. Add in chunks of chocolate or chocolate chips in small amounts waiting for it to melt in between each addition. This will ensure an even temperature throughout the cooking process and reduce the risk of the milk coming to a boil.


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Pros And Cons

Whatever your reason to consider how to make hot chocolate with baking chocolate, you probably want to take a look at the pros and cons of this method. Simply put, it comes down to individual customization and ability. On the pro side, you have the option to choose your own flavor, texture, and toppings and, of course, have fun! Cons, on the other hand, can include scorching the chocolate or using too many or too few ingredients. In the end, it is all about personal preference and determination to craft the best hot chocolate for you.

Whatever combination of sweet, rich, and creamy you decide, you are sure to enjoy comforting nights in with your personal best hot chocolate!