Chocolate bars

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Chocolate bars are some of the most iconic sweet treats in the world, and easily one of the most widely consumed forms of chocolate in general. 

There are many different benefits to chocolate bars, including the fact that they can be easily transported, can be easily shared out in even portions, and can be stored and kept for long periods of time without trouble or complication.

With a variety of chocolate bars to select from, you’ll find the flavor profiles you’re looking for, and the chocolate bars that are perfect for any situation. If you’re a big fan of chocolate and enjoy high quality chocolate bars, here’s a look at the different types of bars we offer.

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White Chocolate Bars

White chocolate differs quite significantly from some other types of chocolate, because it contains cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids, and potentially vanilla. It does not contain the cocoa solids that are included as an ingredient in other types of chocolate.

Due to the difference in ingredients, white chocolate bars tend to lack the stronger flavour of other types of chocolate, such as dark chocolate. It also lacks the small amount of caffeine and other stimulants that are present in most types of chocolate, as these stimulants come from the cocoa solids generally used. 

White chocolate has a specific smooth flavour that tends to be sweeter than most other options, as well. If you want a chocolate that is relatively light and doesn’t have the potential stimulant effects that come with other types of chocolate, our white chocolate bars might be just the thing for you.


Dark Chocolate Bars

With a cacao content of 75%, our Ecuador and Grenada dark chocolate bars contain a rich and iconic dark chocolate cacao taste, with wood and earth notes as well as a wisp of fruit in the flavour profile.

Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids and cocoa butter, but doesn’t contain the milk and butter found in milk chocolate. For this reason, it tends to have a more bitter taste, and a much richer and more intense cacao flavour.

The best dark chocolate bars may be described as a more savoury chocolate experience than milk or white chocolate, and it’s typically best handed in small quantities as a rich treat after a meal. There are also various proposed health benefits associated with the consumption of dark chocolate, such as the possibility of reduced risk of heart disease and lowered blood sugar.

If you especially enjoy the bitter dark chocolate flavour, our Bar of Sugarfree Zusto Dark 68% chocolate may be right up your alley.

Milk Chocolate Bars

Milk chocolate is a form of chocolate containing cocoa, sugar and milk. It is by far the most widespread and commonly enjoyed form of chocolate bar out there, and contains a good balance of creamy chocolate taste, and sweetness.

With milk chocolate bars, you get a balanced flavor that makes for the perfect sweet treat. As the go-to chocolate option for most, there are a variety of milk chocolate bar options available, allowing you to get the flavor profile you’re looking for.

Our Bar of Ecuador Milk 44% and Bar of Venezuela Milk 44% chocolates offer the decadence and flavor you’re looking for. Taste, because the tones and experience are not the same. Discover what suits you best and enjoy the quality how chocolate should be!