Chocolate drop bags

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As an Artisan Chocolatier, we know just what it takes to create the right taste and texture in chocolate. If you love to bake or are trying to make the perfect chocolatey treat, our chocolate drop bags enhance the quality of your creation. Adding a little bit of sweetness to your baked goods can do wonders for the way you’re feeling, or bring a smile to a family member’s face, and we offer just the right bags of chocolate drops to do it with!

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Our Chocolate Drop Bag Selection

We have a wide selection of chocolate drops for you to peruse. We make chocolate from ingredients sourced all over the world, and we like to name each bag after the country the chocolate is sourced from. You’ll find a variety of texture, flavor, and potency profiles in our chocolate drops. 

These chocolates are made to be easily added to mixtures for baking or snacked on when you’re just lounging on the sofa and need a sweet hit.

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Bag of Brasil 

With our Bag of Brasil chocolate drop bags, you’ll get 2kg of 74% cacao enriched chocolate. Great for casual eating, as well as being used as part of a bigger dessert or tasting plate, you’ll experience a rich and sweet chocolate with this product. You’ll also be able to pick out fruity wisps from amongst the flavour profile, making it a good companion for wine, or rich fruits like Grapes and Pomegranates.

Bag of Selection Dark

If you love the rich, strong taste of dark chocolate, consider our Bag of Selection Dark chocolate. With a flavour profile that contains 56% pure Cacao, these chocolates are very carefully hand made. You’ll bite into a chocolate drop that packs an inspired and amazing taste. These chocolate drops are great for baking, and even act as a healthy and indulgent snack.

De juiste zak met chocoladedrops door jou te kiezen

Depending on your desired use of the chocolate drops, we can help you to choose the best bag for you. Each and every bag contains the best Belgian chocolate you could ever taste, so you’ll be sure to have a worthy chocolate product in your hands no matter what you end up purchasing.

If you’re looking for a sweet snack, consider the benefits of buying multiple types of our chocolate drop bags. A Bag of Ecuador Milk or a Bag of Selection Milk offer creamy, delicious flavor with every bite, and include a hint of caramel.

If you’re a baker looking for the perfect chocolate to take your treats to the next level, these bags of chocolate drops can be worked into cake and other dessert mixtures, and be used to add a hit of sweetness, creaminess, and even bitterness depending on the type of chocolate drops you choose. Dark chocolate, such as our Selection Dark, and Sugar Free Zusto Dark, can add that sophisticated and glamorous taste you’re really looking for in high-end desserts laid out at dinner parties.


No matter which chocolate drop bag you choose, you know that you’re getting not only the flavors you’re looking for, but the quality that you expect when looking for the best Belgian chocolate out there. Make the most of your chocolate-buying experience today, with our chocolate drop bags.

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