Chocolate tin boxes

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If you’re looking to get your hands on an indulgent treat that’s completely worth breaking your diet for, look no further than our Chocolate Drop Tin Boxes. We have a wide range available via our Webshop, all with their own character.

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Our Selection of Chocolate Drops Tin Boxes

A chocolate drop tin box ensures that the chocolate drops your purchase come well packaged, in an airtight container, and can make you feel fancier than pulling a gourmet selection box off a supermarket shelf. After all, these chocolates are handmade by master Chocolatier Herman Van Dender, and are made with sustainably sourced ingredients that were hand picked for their freshness and flavour.


Here are two of our flagship products, that really show off how we make the best artisanal chocolate come to life:

Tin Box of Colombia

The Tin Box of Colombia comes with a perfect, full chocolate taste. It has a taste of darkness to it, for those who love the bitterness that dark chocolate brings out on the tongue, as well as a taste of forest flowers, for those who love a more varied palette that reminds them of the Autumn. A 76% Cacao enriched product, you can be sure you’ll taste the best chocolate has to offer when digging into this tin box.

Tin Box of Equador/Equador Milk 

Both the Tin Box of Equador and the Tin Box of Equador Milk are incredibly popular, thanks to just how well they can blend when mixed together in other foods, or as two parts of a snack. The Tin Box of Equador comes with a low woody taste, making it great for matching with mint, or a cup of green tea. The Tin Box of Equador Milk, on the other hand, is much more creamy, and is good for those who like a treat when watching a movie, or hanging out with friends.

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Choosing the Right Tin for You

The chocolate drops contained inside our tin boxes are the best baking chocolate you could find for making luxury desserts that really impress when you invite guests round. Not only that, if you’re in the market for a gift that’ll really impress the chocolate lover in your life, choosing one of our popular tins will work wonders.  

Our Tin Box of Mexico, for example, is great for adding a small citrus hit to an otherwise vanilla cake. It can also be used as a great way to bring a smile to a loved one’s face, as 70% pure Cacao is a chocolate profile that comes with an impact!

On the other hand, our Tin Box of Vietnam has a Cacao profile of 80%, making it rich and dark in flavour. Combine this with a hint of crisp wood, and fruity flowers that bring the right amount of lightness to the combination, you’ll have a chocolate drop tin box that’s perfect for making Coffee or Chocolate cakes even richer and smoother in taste and texture.

Whether you’re looking for the best baking chocolate available or you need a quick chocolate fix, try one of our artisanal chocolate drop tin boxes today.

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