• 4 Best Gifts for Chocolate Lovers This Valentine’s Day!

    It is a long-standing tradition to share chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Since 1861, when Richard Cadbury packaged heart-shaped chocolates and sold them on Valentine’s Day in England, people have been in love with the idea of expressing themselves through chocolate on this well-known holiday. Today, the options for gift-giving are endless. So what are the best gifts for chocolate lovers this Valentine’s Day? Let’s take a look at some different chocolate gift pack options for your loved ones during the Valentine’s Day season.

    Small chocolate gift boxes are one of the best gifts for chocolate lovers that you want to acknowledge this Valentine’s day (but who don’t necessarily make it into the “significant other” category). This can be a great option for parents, friends, children, or even coworkers to show your appreciation and love without diving too deep into your pocket.

    There are many different types of small chocolate gift boxes on the market from miniature assortment boxes to high-quality craft chocolate praline boxes. At Van Dender, we offer small praline boxes ranging from 9 to 16 count. Our pralines are delicately crafted to make any chocolate lover melt with joy when they take a taste.

    For those that deserve a little extra, there are larger chocolate gift packs available on the market to really treat a chocolate lover to the best selection. While there are generally commercialized options available at any grocery store, especially as we approach Valentine’s Day, we can offer a much more diverse selection and a higher quality.

    We offer our deliciously crafted praline chocolates in larger packs for that special someone to really experience the full spectrum of our offerings. These chocolate gift packs range from 32 to 64 counts. These can also be a great option for parents, children, or office gifts if you are looking for a larger gift option for your close relations. Any chocolate lover is sure to enjoy the diverse selection of a fully equipped chocolate gift pack.

    Special Edition Creations

    Chocolate Gift Pack

    For a more personalized Valentine’s Day gift, there are many unique, special edition creations available from various chocolate companies, shops, and chocolatiers. There are many examples of these types of creations that can be seen in any commercialized setting, as well as personalized, unique, handcrafted creations. With these creations, you can really communicate your love and appreciation for any chocolate lover with a unique, and creative gift option. Let’s take a look at some of the more common and uncommon options.

    Pralines are a common creation that can be uniquely crafted for your significant other during Valentine’s day. Pralines are generally seen as a very sensual gift that can be enjoyed by all. However, it is most commonly given to a lover or significant other. The heart shape of the praline also makes it the ideal gift to express love.

    While many people feel that Valentine’s day is only for couples, it can also be a time to express love to anyone in your life, such as family or friends. This is why it is so popular to see special edition creations this time of year.

    Finally, a less common option is a special edition, hand-crafted Valentine’s Day offering from a chocolatier. Each chocolatier has their own unique recipes and designs that they feature during the Valentine’s Day season. This may be as simple as a love-themed chocolate square to chocolate pastries. Local chocolatiers may feature specific creations in their stores or you may be able to custom order creations from an online seller. At Van Dender, we provide expertly crafted Belgium chocolate of the best quality in uniquely styled creations for any occasion. Check out our webshop to see what we have to offer your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

    Van Dender specials

    Sculpted Chocolate

    While crafting chocolate can be considered an art in and of itself, did you know that chocolate sculpting is an art form that is taking the world by storm? There are different types of chocolate sculptures that you can purchase for Valentine’s Day. In a commercial setting, there are sculpture-like creations that are made using chocolate molds giving a form to the chocolate that can be used to express love while catering to chocolate lovers. This includes chocolate roses, hearts, or imprinted chocolate bars.

    For a more intricate or personalized option, we may provide more detailed sculptured chocolates. This can be as simple as a single chocolate drop with a printed design on it to a life-size chocolate sculpture that can be custom ordered and handcrafted. For Valentine’s Day, it is common to see smaller-scale sculptures that can be replicated for sales such as handmade flowers, hearts, or toppers for chocolate drops.

    In the end, the choice is really up to you and how you want to express yourself through your chocolate gifts. If you are looking to really impress a chocolate lover, consider their preferences. Oftentimes, flavor and texture are more important to a chocolate lover than the design. Consider the level of quality you want to share with your loved ones and choose a design from there. Whatever you choose, these chocolate gift options are sure to give you a great head-start entering the Valentine’s season.

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