• Anne and Herman Van Dender


    Ferdinand, son of Christopher Colombus, was surprised to notice how much respect and awe the natives of America treated their cocoa beans. What Ferdinand didn’t know is that cocoa beans were so precious in those days that they were used as currency. And what he certainly didn’t know is that for the Mayans and the Aztecs, those precious beans were the basis for a divine good, xocolatl.

    Today, through perseverance and a continuous pursuit of perfection, we have managed to be a quality label in the world of chocolatiers.

    Thanks to an innate passion for chocolate and patisserie, we have both been able to realize our dream. We would never have wanted it any other way. After all, who wouldn’t want to live and work in the wonderful world of chocolate and the many tropical excursions to the end of the cocoa world? Not surprisingly, we’re still in love with chocolate …

    Surrounded by a loyal team of passionate employees, we achieve an annual growth that is only possible thanks to the quality that we always keep in mind.

    The hard work in the early years was sometimes bitter, but along the way we have been able to distinguish ourselves through dedication, support and refinement. Because chocolate, however bitter it tastes, should be sweet, shouldn’t it?

    Passion is the driving force

    Around the world

    Herman Van Dender is an icon in Japan. The chocolates, manufactured in Belgium, can be found in several cities in Japan, such as Osaka and Tokyo.

    On Valentine’s Day, February 14, ladies buy chocolates for their husbands and (close) friends as gifts. Herman Van Dender’s patisserie is also very popular. Several cakes and pastries are produced under a registered trademark.

    Herman has also given several demonstrations such as the dessert for a state buffet in Tokyo.

    Exceptional merits

    Purveyor to the royal court of Belgium

    Patron of the Court of Belgium since 2008 for King Albert and for H.M. King Phillippe.

    Prosper Montagne

    2 times finalist best pastry chef, glacier and chocolatier. Since 2020 co-president Prosper Montagné Belgium.

    World Champion

    Three times member of the winning team Coup du Monde. Gold in ’95, Silver in ’99 and Bronze in 2003.

    Jury Bake Off

    Expert voice in the popular TV program Bake Off Flanders.

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