• The White Rhino

    A time for change: From Xocoatl to the White Rhino.

    The time when an image says more than many words and deeds is definitely our present time in which we interact with each other. Also my name as a brand and the accompanying logo has a strong influence on people’s experience and perception of one of the most beautiful things in the world; chocolate!

    Just as my years of quest and drive have always helped me find quality cocoa, so too has my single-mindedness finally rewarded me with true gems of dark origin chocolate. To achieve this, the rule was to trade in an honest and respectful way with all parties involved in the whole ‘bean to bar’ process.
    It is this ‘respectfulness’ that made me decide, in our current era of image creation, to visually translate the logo of my beloved Aztec god ‘Xocoatl‘ into a more accessible and identifiable image, one that does not detract from population groups or certain ethnic characteristics.

    The international success of ‘Van Dender’ chocolate also meant that it was time for the logo to evoke the same perception among connoisseurs all over the world. And so, one fine day, a rare ‘White Rhino’ made its way into my workshop full of sweet fantasies.

    The White Rhino

    The story behind the ‘White Rhino’ is layered.

    An animal:

    An animal as a logo, makes it easier to create an emotional bond than if it were a human as an image. An animal is universally understood and is already contained in our memory as a feeling as a child. It is an image with an emotional value. Without having to encounter the animal rhino in real life, it still evokes power, courage, strength and robustness.

    The white rhino:

    The white rhino is an endangered species, which makes it rare. A fact we unconsciously want to cherish. You can easily extend this to the world of chocolate. More than 90% of all chocolate in the world comes from one species; the ‘Forastero’. The remaining 10% of this sweet is produced by a handful of farmers and producers. They rely on rare and much more complex tasting cocoa beans such as the ‘Trinitario’, the ‘Criollo’ and the ‘Arriba Nacional’. These hard-to-grow varieties are like the ‘white rhino’ in the world of mammals.

    The symbolism:

    A rhinoceros radiates natural strength and intensity. In some cultures it is a symbol of ‘authenticity’ and has a mythical value that gives form to decisiveness, purpose and even primal wisdom …

    The ‘white’, in addition to its rarity in the animal kingdom, is also generally known for its purity. In every culture, the colour white is understood to be pure. This is also the case for my chocolate. My constant striving for the purest and cleanest chocolate possible means that my chocolate drops and bars are made with one of the highest percentages of pure cocoa in the world.

    And so a rare but magical animal such as the ‘White Rhino’ contributes to my thinking in pursuit of the highest quality. Since ‘the White Rhino’ walked into my workshop full of sweet desire, chocolate has gained the respect it deserves from many customers.

    And that the taste is experienced as magical is something I don’t have to explain anymore, right?

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